The Brooklyn Chocolate Experiment!

I am truly excited for The Brooklyn Chocolate Experiment. I was nervous about the Beer Experiment, and I was worried about lactose intolerance for the Cheese Experiment. For the Chocolate Experiment, I am feeling energized – in a good way. It has been a hectic day as we have had some last minute contestants get in under the wire. Some contestants emailed me their final dishes, WOW, I am psyched to try them. Yes, they are experimental, but I can see them working out in a really good way. This might be the best group of dishes I have seen. I am handicapping the dishes in my head. This will be the best cook-off we have ever thrown (sorry beer and cheese).

Let me not forget, and let me give this news it’s own paragraph – The NBC Today Show is bringing a crew to film the festivities. I am finally going to  be famous, by hook or by crook! What the hell does that expression mean anyway?

Plus, we are constantly getting more great prizes to give away. We’ve got a chocolate of the month certificate from Ricard Chocolat, four copies each of La Maison du Chocolat and Jacques Torres’ A Year in Chocolate from Abrams Books, gift certificates, limited edition skateboards, more chocolaty goodness and of course, CASH. There is chocolate all over my apartment right now – all to be given away. My girlfriend had to stop me from peaking inside the sealed  deluxe chocolate pack from Taza.

I hope to see the 11 people who read this blog on Sunday at the Bell House. If you are one of those lost souls who accidentally stumble upon my blog looking for a photo of a penguin cake, welcome, and check out The Brooklyn Chocolate Experiment. It’s worth the trip.

I will see you there!!!

2 Responses to “The Brooklyn Chocolate Experiment!”

  1. 1 priya November 16, 2009 at 1:54 am

    good luck!!! (btw, sorry to be one of the readers who doesn’t post….makes at least 12 of us now, right 😉


  2. 2 Ted November 16, 2009 at 11:56 am

    Please post an entry and pictures, 11 other blog readers are dying to know. . .

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