RECAP – MAD CAP – The Brooklyn Chocolate Experiment

What a day! What a life. It is the day after and I feel blessed to have been a part of The Brooklyn Chocolate Experiment.  For the Beer Experiment I was inexperienced – I finished, but it was too quick. And I am not sure she had any fun, but the cigarette afterwards made me feel like a man. Wait, what the hell am I talking about?

Doling out the Goods

It was game day my friends and all the competitors brought their A-games. Normally, I look for Bonnie Suarez to be leading the pack, but she had her equals. This was easily the best food we had at any competition. There were no stinkers. No dishes that lead me to believe I would be going to the hospital. The chefs delivered.  In kind, we responded. Nick and I vowed to give something to everybody who participated.  I hope everyone loved their “Beat Me or Eat Me” T-Shirt. You can wear it anywhere from the gym to your next PTA meeting. I can’t please everyone all the time, except for my girlfriend (fat chance). Seriously, the chef’s well-being and enjoyment are very important to us.  Even though, I told Nick that people have to “Suck it Up,” I was totally referring to something else. Not weed – smart ass!

Team Peanut

I was really impressed by some dishes that were under my radar. Can you believe how good the vegetarian chili was? Team Peanut, you stole my vegetarian girlfriend’s heart. I am not joking. If you read this, can you post the recipe so this “dumbass” can know make it. I had her thinking that you could only make chili with meat. Plus, I was absolutely convinced that the last thing I want to eat at an “Experiment” was a tame old brownie – but it was great. Who knew that Attic Sugar Bakery was for real? I like the crisp top the most. I feel texture is often overlooked.

Attic Sugar Bakery and their Hazelnut Brownies

We gave the Nick and Theo prize to Rebecca Marx and Pervaiz Shallwani. I thought that their hush puppies were very good and the crunch of the cereal benefitted them tremendously. (On a side note, if you win the “Nick and Theo” prize, thank BOTH Nick and Theo.)  Alright, I have to give some space to one of my favorite competitors, Bonnie Suarez. I know she is Nick mom. I have been to her house – duh. But she can really cook. Her dish was a complete pleasure. A dish that was subtle, that still managed to stand out at a food competition.

I want to give a shout out to two of my sentimental favorites: The Righteous Burn Pirates and The Working Class Foodies!!! First, WCF’s dish was a total save. They actually had a colossal shit show trying to make marshmallows for their original idea. Yet, they still pulled off a surprisingly good dish. Alas, not a winner, but the Creme Anglaise was very well done. Second, The Pirates, the idea was great, but I think that the conditions were a challenge for the dish. With that said, I have the upmost respect for them. Their desire and sweat is hard to match.

Sara Haines from the Today Show tasting the "Burn"

I waited to talk about the big winners until the end. They got tons of good press already. ROOPA, way to go kiddo. She got married and brought the hurt. Who knew she could do it. That was some ice cream, and homemade cones… Then, the Pig in Drag was just perfect. The meat was well-cooked and the sauce was perfectly seasoned. Tremendous dish guys. I hope to see you both at the next one.

Lei Takahashi with "Pig in Drag"

Lei Takahashi - "Pig in Drag"

theo MC

yours truly

Roopa Sweeps Audience and Judges First Place

With that said, we still do not know what we are going to do next. We have some ideas. So until then, keep experimenting!!!

The Brooklyn Chocolate Experiment Results:

Judges Award

1st – Roopa Marcello – Thai Chocolate Ice Cream
2nd –  Bonnie Suarez – Chocolate Black beans with cauliflower and pork belly
3rd –  Attic Sugar Bakery – Hazelnut Brownies

Honorable Mention Sweet  –   Alyssa Lees – Deconstructed Truffles
Honorable Mention Savory  – Lei Takahashi – “Pig in Drag”

Nick and Theo Prize –  Pervaiz Shallwani + Rebecca Marx – Chocolate Hush Puppies

Audience Award

1st –  Roopa Marcello – Thai Chocolate Ice Cream
2nd –  Lei Takahashi – “Pig in Drag”
3rd –  Team Peanut – Chocolate Chipotle Chili

Recap RoundUp:

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