Rillettes Already, The Wait For More Paté Is Over!

Peck's Pate

Peck's Pate

Hello Everyone!

To all my fans, each and everyone of you, I am back.  And, I did not come alone. I brought along my good fatty pals: Paté and Rillettes.  Nothing says I love you quite like a little jar of meaty goodness.  I will be selling them tomorrow at The Greenpoint Food Market.  After my successful visit last time, I cannot wait until tomorrow. I’ll be there with my patient Girlfriend who will kindly be spreading ungodly amounts of paté and rillette on crackers while I tell people about the health benefits of  Charcuterie.

It is so exciting because I get an opportunity to cook the way I am supposed to…plus, I get to start with all of this:

Starting Point

Starting Point

Remember, you will look like a Rock Star at Thanksgiving if you show up with the best Brooklyn-made, artisanal  charcuterie.  Besides, you need something in your system to soak up all the alcohol as you listen to your relatives drone on about how cool they used to be.  It’s also the perfect gift for the food-obsessed hipster (which Brooklyn seems to be teeming with lately).

It boils down to this: If you love someone, set them free with jars of deliciousness.

By the way, it is taking place at the Church located at 129 Russell St.

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