And Now A Word From Our Sponsor

That Man Love Pate!

That Man Loves Pate!

The Underground Pate Movement Has Started!!!

Gourmet Pate is here. I know it is unfathomable, but local (Brooklyn), artisan, organic chicken liver pate is here….for a limited time only!!! Get your JAR ON!! My Girlfriend says it only looks like fancy feast, but tastes like vegetable medley. The pate is unique, it is my own recipe which has been developed over years working as a charcuterie chef.    Each Jar is $10 dollars and will be good until Jan 10th.  I do not know how you will get your jar, but you will. It makes an excellent gift. Leave me a comment if you would like a jar.

Eat like the pros, eat chicken liver pate!

You want to add an extra inch of ‘love’, eat chicken liver pate!

Want your teeth model white, eat chicken liver pate!

Need to add distance to your golf swing, eat chicken liver pate!

Want to feel like a Frenchman who drinks red wine and gets lots of girls, eat chicken liver pate!

Have you ever imagined a career in broadcasting: chicken liver pate!!

You want to smooth out those crows feet: chicken liver pate!

Do you get morning breath? No Longer, chicken liver pate!

Pate is the new Pate: think about it…

2 Responses to “And Now A Word From Our Sponsor”

  1. 1 Ted January 2, 2010 at 11:10 pm

    For those of us barbarians that only know pate is made from chicken liver and nothing else, can you post something explaining the basics, the origin? Educate and excite us.

  2. 2 Ted January 17, 2010 at 10:21 pm

    For the love of God, post something.

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