The Brunch Experiment

Brunch Experiment

I think I can say this with confidence: This experiment will be the best one yet!!!

Why this one?  It could be the prizes, the contestants, or the judges – not sure. First, I am excited to tell you that Organic Valley has agreed to be our sponsor. This means they are supplying our cheftesants with all the eggs, butter, milk, and cream they will need.  I shit you not. I am ordering 170 dozen eggs and 80 pounds of butter to be delivered to the Bell House. I might just cancel the experiment and attempt to create the largest omelet every conceived in Brooklyn. Before getting too sidetracked, how come there isn’t a ‘Brooklyn Omelet’ – I mean Denver has one and none of the stuff actually comes from Denver. Here is my proposal for the Brooklyn Omelet: 1) Salvatore Ricotta 2) Sausage from The Meat Hook (that is if I am not making any that week) 3) Greens from one of these frickin’ ubiquitous rooftop farms and 4) Three drops of hipster blood for color.

Back to the prizes…  We have two round trip tickets to anywhere in the United States from JetBlue.  Very cool, yet, Organic Valley is giving away a YEAR’S supply of product. I do not know if I could eat that many eggs but I am willing to try.  I do not want to forget the Le Parker Meridian is giving away a night’s stay and brunch in the morning – the sophisticated one night stand.  There is also dinner at Diner,  Brunch at Rose Water and all the Bodum French Presses I have in my house ready to give away to the chefs. There will be no losers this time, only varying degrees of winning.

Enough of that, I have been looking over the entries and I am really excited to taste them. I got some favorites, but it never works out that way. The winners usually come out of nowhere. I would let you know about some of the dishes, but people are looking for a big surprise factor. Some chefs are preparing over 300 eggs – insanity my friends.

Maybe I am excited because a production company is going to film the event from start to finish including following several contestants ahead of time. It is The Experiments’ big shot at television immortality. TV never dies, just the people who watch it. I encourage any characters who want 1.5 minutes of fame to sign up – now is your chance.

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