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Making Paté in Malaysia

Street Food

Street Food in Kuala Lumpur

That Man Love Pate!

That Man Loves Pate!

My friend Ted asked me to write a post about all the food I ate on my honeymoon to Malaysia.  Since he is among my most loyal readers, I promised myself to get it done. Well Ted, it took me three months, but here ya go…

Recently I made a batch of paté, and it brought up memories of my honeymoon (not because we ate paté covered strawberries in bed). I’ve been through a lot trying to find an appropriate place to make my paté for wholesale. Unfortunately (and fortunately), they make it challenging for someone to produce value added meat products. Usually I find restaurant or catering kitchens that I can borrow. This puts me right up against the edge of what can and cannot be done.  I am reminded of my honeymoon because the standards for food preparation in Malaysia are very different.

Throughout Malaysia, I ate street food everyday and I forced my patient pescatarian bride to eat it as well. There are no standards for meat preparation over there – the butchers smoke while they work, prep is done on whatever surface is available (be it a filthy crate or even the street), flies are absolutely everywhere… Literally, there are buckets of animal guts every five feet in the market.

Gut Bucket

Gut Bucket

Smokin Butcher

Smokin' Butcher


Prepping Chicken

Yet… I never got sick, not even a tiny squirt. Yet, here in America people get sick after eating tainted spinach.

Enough preaching – what about the food! It was fantastic: spicy, salty, sweet, sour and a whole lot more. The street food system really works in Malaysia. You choose a random table in an alleyway or on the street and whoever owns the table sells you drinks. For us, it was $2 Tiger beers, basically Budweiser with an Asian accent. Now you choose between 15-25 carts, point to something you want, give them your table number (no matter how far away the table is, they will find you), and within a minute you have a giant plate of hot food for 30 cents. That is no misprint.

Excuse having to see me slurp

Excuse my slurping

Skewer Cart

Skewer Cart

We had curries, noodles, satays, and everything in between – fried pork intestine porridge, rotis, laksa, etc. I want more right now.

I was surprised to find very little fresh fruits or vegetables. I found no outdoor markets filled with ripe produce or overflowing sacks of spice. We were fortunate to get there in time for the Durian Festival. Have you had this “fruit”?

First Bite of Durian

First bite of Durian

It is, without a doubt, the most disgusting thing I have ever put in my mouth, and I’m taking into account that time in college when I got drunk and woke up in the wrong bed. Anyway, it was shocking mostly because all the natives described it as irresistible, like a “drug.” “You will become addicted!” they said. Well, they were fucking wrong.  It tasted like wet, fermented, sweet, extremely bitter shit. They warned me that the first bite could be tough, but really. I crap my pants just thinking about durian. Let’s not forget how it smells. It smells so terrible they don’t allow it in hotels, rental cars, subways, buses, stores, etc. I don’t know how you would get it home if you bought it.

What do you think Ted? I still haven’t talked about Hong Kong or Singapore! They are worth their own posts.

It was our honeymoon...

It was our honeymoon...

Like This!

New Batch of NYC’s Best Chicken Liver Pate for Sale!!

Pate Eater

Selling Pate

Hello All!! At least the 15 of you who are not looking for Sara Haines…

I have a new batch of pate. Be the first on your block to own a jar of Peck’s Pate. I am selling 8oz jars for $10. I am a professional charcuterie who knows great pate.   Not available anywhere else at the moment. Get in on the goodness.

Underground NYC Pate – Peck’s Pate! I guarantee that it will be the best pate experience of your life! That guarantee is for people who eat pate, not play with pate!

Just leave me a comment  or shoot me an email and I will get back to you.

And Now A Word From Our Sponsor

That Man Love Pate!

That Man Loves Pate!

The Underground Pate Movement Has Started!!!

Gourmet Pate is here. I know it is unfathomable, but local (Brooklyn), artisan, organic chicken liver pate is here….for a limited time only!!! Get your JAR ON!! My Girlfriend says it only looks like fancy feast, but tastes like vegetable medley. The pate is unique, it is my own recipe which has been developed over years working as a charcuterie chef.    Each Jar is $10 dollars and will be good until Jan 10th.  I do not know how you will get your jar, but you will. It makes an excellent gift. Leave me a comment if you would like a jar.

Eat like the pros, eat chicken liver pate!

You want to add an extra inch of ‘love’, eat chicken liver pate!

Want your teeth model white, eat chicken liver pate!

Need to add distance to your golf swing, eat chicken liver pate!

Want to feel like a Frenchman who drinks red wine and gets lots of girls, eat chicken liver pate!

Have you ever imagined a career in broadcasting: chicken liver pate!!

You want to smooth out those crows feet: chicken liver pate!

Do you get morning breath? No Longer, chicken liver pate!

Pate is the new Pate: think about it…

I’m a Sell Out!

Maybe not, but I certainly came close. I sold a healthy amount of paté and rillette  at the Greenpoint Food Market on Saturday.  If you weren’t able to make it, don’t fret – there is bigger news…

I am now available at a market here in Brooklyn! I am proud to announce that Brooklyn’s very own Choice Greene Market on Greene and Grand is now carrying my paté and rillettes. They bought all my remaining stock. I was so thrilled that I might have let down my guard and acted somewhat unprofessionally. I think I yelled, “Holy crap, you’re really going to buy it!” Okay, that is a bit of an exaggeration, but I was really excited.

So, thank you Choice Market for being the first place to take a chance on a scrappy charcuterie maker who hails from the mean streets of the Upper West Side (they were much meaner in the 70’s).

Rillettes Already, The Wait For More Paté Is Over!

Peck's Pate

Peck's Pate

Hello Everyone!

To all my fans, each and everyone of you, I am back.  And, I did not come alone. I brought along my good fatty pals: Paté and Rillettes.  Nothing says I love you quite like a little jar of meaty goodness.  I will be selling them tomorrow at The Greenpoint Food Market.  After my successful visit last time, I cannot wait until tomorrow. I’ll be there with my patient Girlfriend who will kindly be spreading ungodly amounts of paté and rillette on crackers while I tell people about the health benefits of  Charcuterie.

It is so exciting because I get an opportunity to cook the way I am supposed to…plus, I get to start with all of this:

Starting Point

Starting Point

Remember, you will look like a Rock Star at Thanksgiving if you show up with the best Brooklyn-made, artisanal  charcuterie.  Besides, you need something in your system to soak up all the alcohol as you listen to your relatives drone on about how cool they used to be.  It’s also the perfect gift for the food-obsessed hipster (which Brooklyn seems to be teeming with lately).

It boils down to this: If you love someone, set them free with jars of deliciousness.

By the way, it is taking place at the Church located at 129 Russell St.

Paté, your new best friend?

I love my label. I must thank poster dude.

I love my label. I must thank poster dude.

Thursday Night 8 PM:

I have to cook ten pounds of paté by Saturday, and yet here I am watching the U.S. Open Tennis match.

Well, maybe a bunch of you people out there think that’s no problem. But hell, that is a lot of frickin’ paté.  I have a booth at the inaugural Greenpoint Food Market this Saturday.  I am excited to finally have an outlet where I can sell it. By the way, this not the same pate I told you about in Pat E Kiernan.

I am making Chicken Liver Terrines – let me emphasize that this does not taste like the ubiquitous chicken liver mousse found in almost every restaurant in New York. I think the state of chicken liver in the city has reached new lows. They all taste like mud. I am a traditionalist charcuterie guy. My paté is creamy, smooth, assertively flavored, it is the SHIT.



My vegetarian girlfriend has insisted that I share the news that came out several months ago linking paté and dog food. If that is true, it must have been some fucking tasty dog food. My mom feeds her dog paté which drives me nuts. She will feed some of my paté to the dog and say, “Coco is your biggest fan!” Does she think I am cooking for dogs??


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